New Life Academy

A wealth of invaluable knowledge and fundamental instruction awaits you at New Life Academy! Here we offer proven and effective, formal and informal classes and courses of study that are practical, relevant, and essential, not only for the spiritual growth and development of every born-again Believer, but also highly recommended for all members of the CLM family. Begin your spiritual advancement today! One of the following classes has a seat reserved just for you: Basic Bible, Christian Lifestyles, Introduction to Christianity, Transforming Teens, and Youth Truth.


Media Ministry

This staff of trained professionals finds its chief mission in consistently delivering premium, high quality audio/visual support for all services and events hosted by and pertaining to Changing Lives Ministries. Utilizing state-of-the-art digital systems and equipment and the latest technology, they generate premium, high-resolution DVDs and CDs with crystal clear sound. Both can be purchased for a nominal fee. Additionally, our Media Ministry is available, and recommended for conferences, weddings, and varying other engagements.

Mature Mother’s Ministry

Our board of revered and loving “Mothers” is composed of sober, seasoned women rich in wisdom, anointing, and heritage, who find their ultimate purpose in realizing the vision of Titus 2:3-4. These virtuous women entrench themselves in the ministry of intercessory prayer for the church and leadership of CLM, as well as the Body of Christ at large. They further devote themselves to the instructing of younger women in matters of character and integrity, marriage and family, and other practical concerns.


Nursery Department

The motto of this Department is: Child-like Hearts… Innocent, Loved, Disciplined, Respectful, Eager, Nurtured, thus the primary focus and function of this Department is to love and to serve CHILDREN. While parents freely engage in uninterrupted worship, their precious little ones (0-3 years of age) are cherished and spiritually nourished by attentive caregivers. These tender-hearted childcare providers enthusiastically engage in helping to form the framework of a toddler’s innocent faith through playtime, stories, songs, and other lively activities.


Security Ministry

The Security Staff maintains a safe and secure environment for all worshippers and attendees at Changing Lives Ministries. This top-notch, experienced, and qualified team closely monitors and routinely patrols the internal and external campus and facilities, including all adjacent areas. They further assist the elderly and disabled, as needed.

Transportation Ministry

Our church van is always available to accommodate those in need of transportation to and from church services and functions. This ministry also provides for the commuting needs of all existing CLM in-house ministries, as necessary.


Facilitators and Greeters Ministry

Every visitor and member of the CLM family has undoubtedly experienced the warm-hearted reception, gracious consideration, and exhilarating energy that pulses through and emanates from this exceptional group of individuals. They are given to genuinely and consistently promoting the amiable and welcoming character of the church. This group insures that congregants enjoy a meaningful, unhindered worship experience, as well as other specific duties including seating assistance and offertory support. Overall, they are vested with maintaining that all things are conducted “decently and in order”.


Creative and Performing Arts Ministry

CAPA adds to the overall mission and vision of Changing Lives Ministries by contributing fervent musical expression, as well as other artistic demonstrations. This division, which consists of 4 uniquely distinct ministries in one (Choir, Youth Choir, Praise & Worship Team, Drama/Liturgical Dancers) operates semi-independently, yet harmoniously, to add rhythmic and dramatic coloration in spreading the Word of God.


Youth Ministry

Our Youth Department (Urban Kidz & Teen Life) is a vibrant, thriving, contemporary organism teeming with passionate and spirit-filled leaders who love God and children. It is in this atmosphere that eager and blossoming young minds are taught Christian core values, and receive spiritual enrichment and age-appropriate Biblical instruction through a multitude of exciting avenues. They are further encouraged to develop and prioritize their relationship with Christ, positively influence peer group, and discover, pursue, and fulfill their uniquely individual God-ordained purpose.


Assimilation Ministry

The Assimilation Team is the Guest Relations and Member-Care branch of our Ministry. This patient and considerate unit foster a friendly and inclusive temperament, assuring that all guests, incapacitated, and new members, are graciously accommodated. They faithfully assist in coordinating and facilitating the fluent transition of new arrivals into the CLM family (i.e. New Member Orientation and record-keeping) and regularly visit those “sick and shut-in” while earnestly seeking to preserve and advance the pleasant, harmonious atmosphere of Changing Lives Ministries.


Hospitality Ministry

Our first-rate Hospitality Committee is responsible for the overall implementation of the dining and dietary operations and affairs of our Ministry. Experienced chefs, homemakers, and student interns collaborate to consistently deliver savory mouth-watering cuisine, served by pleasant, hospitable hosts/hostesses, in a warm, appealing atmosphere. They are also interested in training and mentoring any member desiring to improve or perfect their culinary skills.


Outreach Ministry

CLM’s Outreach Ministry is a group of caring and compassionate individuals, humanitarian in heart, who immerse themselves in the selfless pursuit of assisting the disenfranchised. Their undying dedication to providing necessitous aid (i.e. food, clothing, shelter, etc.), vital resources, and emergency referral services to those at-risk, serves as a catalyst whereby its recipients are empowered to become confident, responsible, and self-reliant. The Outreach Ministry is readily available to assist those affected within the CLM family, visitors of our Community Thrift store, and residents within the surrounding community.


Men’s Ministry

The “Best Man Brotherhood” is a league of (extra) ordinary gentlemen. This phenomenal group, founded upon strategic positioning, finds its fulfillment in leading by example. Additionally, faith, unity, and camaraderie are bolstered through an array of avenues that incorporates meeting for prayer, planned excursions, and other scheduled events.