Church History

Unbeknownst to many, Changing Lives Ministries initially began in a basement over 3 1/2 decades ago. Shortly thereafter it re-located to the corner of Kingshighway and North Park Drive where it yet stands as a beacon of light in an otherwise dim community.

Holy Deliverance Temple as it was originally called operated under the oversight and pastorate of the late Bishop, then Elder Dwight H. McDaniels Jr. with Alan Hendricks as Co-Pastor. Upon receiving it’s official charter on January 17, 1978 the church also received San Francisco Temple East Church of God in Christ as its new name and embraced Minister Jake Bradford as Co-Pastor. By 1981, due to Minister Bradford’s wise and prudent leadership, personal generosity, and the congregation’s diligent fundraising efforts the building’s mortgage was satisfied in full. Such a grand accomplishment led to Elder Jake Bradford’s appointment as Pastor by Elder McDaniels Jr. and his official installation sanctioned by Bishop William Turner.

This humble yet powerful man of God displayed a foundation of unconditional love and service. His life and teachings challenged many to follow “a more excellent way” as his insight and impactful sermons graced the airways via television and radio. People flocked from far and near to hear the soft-spoken theologian who communicated Biblical truth in a moving and practical manner. As a result, the ministry flourished and became known as “the church where the difference… is worth the distance”. Under his watch, souls were saved and lives significantly transformed as the directives of Matthew 25:35-36 were compassionately carried out (food/clothing pantry, hospital/prison/nursing visitation, et al). Additionally, the exterior and interior underwent varying improvement and beautification projects including the installation of the irradiant stained glass baptismal window, his crowning accomplishment. God was increasingly glorified and many milestones were achieved during Pastor Jake Bradford’s life. He “fought a good fight… he finished his course… he kept the faith, and on December 14, 2002 he was called from labor to reward.

Following his transition, Bishop McDaniels Jr. (Pastor pro-tem) appointed Minister Michael C. Bradford to officiate over the congregation. Minister Bradford, who had already served faithfully for 25 years under his father and predecessor, eagerly and ardently instructed and guided the flock with all the wisdom characteristic of a seasoned leader. By August 2003, following the church’s denominational succession to Christian Assembly Ministries five months prior, he was ordained Elder and by December of the same year officially installed as Pastor.

Presently, Pastor Michael Bradford successfully shepherds his God-given flock of anointed and energetic believers with sound acumen and understanding. Possessing wisdom well beyond his years he attentively guides, operating under the powerful mantle imparted to him by his father. He has weathered many storms, overcome an array of obstacles, and experienced numerous life lessons that have all served to build character, integrity, and further strengthen his resolve and relationship with his God. He willingly and without reservation, shares his experiences, victories, and defeats. As a proven leader, innovator, frontiersman, and visionary he is committed to solving societal ills and focused on building better relationships in all genres. Through his innumerable sermons, series, and seminars lives are eternally transformed, and individuals of all ages are zealously launched into genuine Christian service. Under his tutelage, God’s direction, and in keeping with the vision of his progenitor many effective ministerial components and departments have been revitalized and expanded (i.e. Outreach and Media Ministry) and many others have been established (i.e. Leadership Development and Assimilation Team). Youth membership has also increased through the implementation of programs that target their demographic, and they faithfully and eagerly attend weekly services. Since 2002, the entire inner and outer campus has continued to enjoy an abundance of significant enhancements and renovations, including modernization of the sanctuary, as well as paved parking and expansion to accommodate an ever-increasing membership. Of further credit to his assiduousness is the continual acquisition of real estate to facilitate the needs of the elderly, homeless, and abused and to provide residency for future members.

On January 11, 2012, prompted by the Holy Spirit, the name of the church merged with its mission and became Changing Lives Ministries. With Christ the central focus this hospice of hope remains staunch in its stance to reach the “unsaved, untaught, un-churched, and uncommitted” and to be a blessing to the Christian populace and world at-large.